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With the Ashes being tied at 32 all Australia needed to show their support. When the Barmy Army arrived on our shores we decided to greet them with a nationwide support team of bucket-donning Aussies. Australia, we did it! The tie is over and the Poms have been sent packing - now it’s time to focus on the KFC BBL – Don those buckets, show some support for your team and win some mad swag while you’re at it!

The KFC bucket has become synonymous with BBL fans at the cricket. This year we are taking this symbol of support and amplifying it for the BBL. We’ll do this by creating mini-armies to support each individual team by turning the KFC buckets into different team colours.

We’ve won the Ashes and now BBL glory is on the line! Rally together with bucketloads of other Aussies to help lead your team to victory. Enlist in the HCG Buckethead Army and play Bang your Buckets during the cricket to show your support for your BBL team. You can also win mad swag while you’re at it!

Your face could be shown in stadiums, on TV during the cricket, our website and on social pages.

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Your score only counts when you play during game time otherwise you are just practising. The game time only takes place throughout the duration of all BBL matches when your support counts and you have the chance to win mad swag. 

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Main Prize: Tickets, Merchandise, Flights & Accommodation for the Big Bash Final, for you and 3 mates.
Game Day Prizes: There’s also KFC Vouchers for the Top 3 Winners of the Bang your Buckets game each day and the chance to get your face in front of the nation.

‘Lighting up Australia’ involves turning on light displays in major cities around the country to show our support of the Aussie cricketers. The light projections will be influenced by how many buckets Australia bangs collectively in the Bang your Buckets game.

You can win prizes by playing the Bang your Buckets game to show your support for your team in the BBL. Play Bang your Buckets during live playing times & players with the highest scores will win!

A Facebook Messenger bot called Gary – here to answer all your questions on the HCG Buckethead Army, cricket trivia, on demand cricket match updates, Facebook mission alerts and more.

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- Don’t participate in Bang your Buckets live game play
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We have a size limit on profile images to make sure your photo meets our mega pixel requirements so that your face can appear in front of the nation.

Yep! You can change the colour of your bucket via your Profile page.

BBL Grounds only allow us to show bucket colours for the home team. The bucket colour on ground will reflect the team you supported during game play. If you have supported a few teams then the relevant and latest bucket colour will be shown at ground.

When the game starts the player has 60 secs to bang as many buckets as they can. There are a number of different buckets that will appear throughout the game. Some buckets are worth more than other buckets and some buckets give you extra time. When you hit a bucket of the opposing BBL team, it’s Game Over.

It’s a game that helps members of the HCG Buckethead Army show their support. The more buckets they bang the more support they’re showing for their team in the BBL. And you can win some mad swag in the process!

Practise involves playing Bang your Buckets at any point in time outside of game time. It’s when you can practice your skills so you’re ready for when it counts. Game time is when your Bang your Buckets score counts towards supporting your BBL team. This is also when you have the chance to win mad swag.

Game time will take place throughout the duration of all BBL matches. Although, keep in mind – Due to unpredictable weather and match play, ‘game time’ might finish earlier or last longer than the whole match.

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